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Teckin Solutions offers full-service digital marketing solutions for small and medium-size businesses in the Galveston area. Digital marketing is a critical part of your business’s success, but it can be challenging to keep up with best practices that are frequently evolving. Many businesses simply don’t have the time or resources in-house to fully invest in areas like search engine optimization (SEO) and web development, so outsourcing is often the best way to ensure you’re reaching your target audience and expanding your business. Our digital marketing company in Galveston can help identify your current pain points and create an effective digital marketing strategy to reach your business goals. Here are some of the solutions we offer.


Search engine optimization and social media optimization (SMO) are two important practices related to a business’s online presence. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness or build a campaign around a specific product or service, you’ll need to have strong SEO and SMO strategies in place to deliver your message to those who are ready to see it. Our team understands how to drive traffic to your website that will ultimately generate high-quality leads.

Web Design

A well-designed website is the foundation of your online marketing efforts. It’s important to develop and maintain a functional, attractive website that encourages visitors to spend time getting to know your products and services. A website is the proverbial trough in the phrase “you can lead a horse to water”—marketing leads your horses to the water, but your website is what makes them drink. Let our digital marketing company in Galveston take care of your website needs so your thirsty customers get what they came for!


Digital marketing includes a variety of advertising opportunities that are both customizable and effective. Our team will assess your needs to create a multi-channel advertising strategy that maximizes your exposure and ROI. We are skilled in Pay-per-click advertising, social media ads, programmatic ads, and more!

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If you’re ready to grow your business with proven marketing strategies, contact our digital marketing company in Galveston today to schedule a consultation. We’ll take the time to evaluate your needs and goals so we can map out a digital marketing plan that works for you. Don’t wait another minute—it’s time to start growing your business!

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