Galveston Data Recovery Services: Hard Drive, SSD, Flash Media

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Many businesses these days store a lot of their data electronically. This is often more secure and convenient than filing hard copies, but the price you pay is the potential for data loss. There are few situations more stressful than discovering that your critical information is distorted, unrecoverable, or seemingly lost forever. The good news is that data recovery is possible with the help of Teckin Solutions. Our data recovery services in Galveston offer comprehensive data recovery solutions to retrieve your files, photos, and other important assets.

Data Recovery Methods

It may be surprising to learn that data can be recovered, even after other companies have tried and failed to fix the problem. If your media or device was declared unrecoverable, consider one of the following data recovery services from Teckin Solutions.

Our data recovery services in Galveston is also experienced in the areas of SQL server recovery, RAID data recovery, network storage recovery, and more. We’ll provide a free evaluation, and we don’t charge you unless your data is recovered.

  • Mobile device – Our data recovery services in Galveston can recover photos, messages, videos, and more from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Hard drive – We have experience recovering data from internal or external hard drives, regardless of the size or model.
  • SSD data –  Solid-state drives (SSD) require a unique recovery process because of their complex architecture. Our procedure can recover data from various SSDs that use SLC NAND, eMLC, MLC, or TLC technology.
  • Flash media – We’ve been successful in recovering data from devices such as SD cards, USB drives, and memory sticks.

Protect Your Data with Teckin Solutions


Teckin Solutions is a Galveston-based IT provider and full-service digital marketing agency. We specialize in affordable and effective solutions for small and medium-size businesses. Whether you need managed IT solutions, cyber security protection, or data recovery services in Galveston, we can help keep your business safe and productive. Get in touch today for a free quote.

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