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A successful business requires a proper IT network that is reliable, secure, and easily accessible. If your employees struggle to use your network, you risk damaging your bottom line with inefficient processes. Using an IT network that isn’t designed for your business will inevitably cost you time and profits. A customized network design from Teckin Solutions will address your most critical needs and will help ensure that your business remains productive.

Improve Efficiency with Network Design

Our network design and architecture team serving Galveston specializes in providing IT services to Galveston businesses. Our network design service is centered around the needs and preferences of our clients. After we take a full assessment of the functions and budget of your business, our engineers will design a network environment that is durable and efficient. Depending on your existing systems, our team may recommend one of the following types of networks:

    • Local area network (LAN): This option is typically used to connect devices located within smaller geographical areas, like an office building or home.
    • Wide area network (WAN): This type of setup is ideal for businesses that have multiple sites across a larger area.
    • Wireless local area networking (WLAN): This network allows employees to connect from their own personal device, so you don’t have to worry about providing company equipment.

With every network design and architecture option we offer Galveston businesses, our team will provide continuous monitoring to ensure that any issues are identified and addressed. 

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Managed IT services require constant attention, and many businesses simply don’t have the capacity to focus on these duties. Teckin Solutions can take over this responsibility by designing a network that’s customized for your business. We’ll help you identify any challenges, and we’ll recommend a solution based on our expertise. Get started with our network design and architecture services in Galveston today and contact us for a free evaluation!

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