Location World is a leading provider of telematic solutions, fleet management and connected car technology to automotive, security, logistics and insurance companies. Serving over 6.500 clients in 10 countries across LATAM and Spain, the company makes it a priority to deliver applications and microservices with the highest levels of quality, stability and security. This can be a challenge when development workloads are constantly growing. In this customer success story, learn how Location World overcame its application and microservices delivery challenges by adopting a more scalable, rigorous approach to managing application security with Fortify on Demand. Get the story to learn from Location World’s experience evaluating solutions, integrating Fortify on Demand and Fortify Static Code Analyzer into development cycles, and using Fortify to analyze larger volumes of code in a more agile and rapid way. Contact us to discuss how Teckin Solutions can help your organization drive high-quality application releases with less expense and effort.

View: Fortify supports high-quality application release with less expense and effort

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